21 November 2006

Jane and Tom Land in the Newspaper

6 months ago Jane and I sent some photos into the local newspaper "Home" section that was requesting stories for interesting places people live. We thought our place was interesting and submitted some photos. Well, mid-October a writer visited us and did an interview. Two weeks ago a photographer came in and took 100 photos. Then a week ago, the photo editor called us and said all the photos sucked and asked if he could he come in to shoot again! He shot 200 photos. We made the cover of the "Home" section and got a really nice article and 11 photos in all published in color!

Yes, you don't even have to ask, it's all Jane. I built some shelves, a wall and installed some lights but the collections of stuff, the wall paint colors, positioning and interior design choices are all Jane.

So it's not as nice as the graphic layout and cover shot, but they did a nice web version of the article at: AZstarnet

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