09 January 2007

disinformation - the true black meat

I'm into new ideas. They usually come with a perspective I never considered and/or more education about a subject I don't know about. I'm talking about generalist science, quantum theory, philosophy, and cosmic type subjects here. I like big thinkers that have a broad base of knowledge. I'm a referential maniac myself. I'm trying to figure it all out and I want my consciousness changed when I read something. Don't really go for the conspiracy stuff but it still inspires at times. When I hit a treasure trove I get really excited.

I just hit a treasure trove. Richard Metzger is the man.

I know Ballard, Gysin, Leary, Crowley, Burroughs, P-Orridge, Castaneda, Wilson, Fuller, Soleri, Jung. Remember REsearch magazine? I've got some collectibles: Burroughs • Gysin • Throbbing Gristle, Industrial Culture Handbook, Atrocity Exhibition, and Modern Primitives. Things have changed so much in the couple decades since those were published, I wondered if I would ever find a collection of underground info such as was presented in those pages. Recently traveling to St. Louis, I visited a great bookstore on Delmar, "Subterranean." It is there that I found this book: "disinformation - THE INTERVIEWS" I've done so many google searches on various subjects that have linked to disinformation and wondered what the hell? Is it information or not? What's with that deliciously corporate devils head logo? Well, you don't get much unless you purchase a product, and I feel I purchased the best introductory product they make.

Turns out that they have taken the ball where REsearch left off and tackled the new millinium and cyber issues. I absolutely love it. I have to pace myself as I read it because it becomes overstimulating. I was hoping my blog wouldn't become a place, like so many blogs, that I proclaim, "This is cool" over and over again, but I had to do a bit on disinformation. Here's some links they have turned me onto:

Their Website.
Their conference videos.
Douglas Rushkoff - media guru
Howard Bloom - big thinker
Peter Russel - environmentalist
Paul Laffoley - visionary painter

OK, I've only read this far, may append this blog.

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