29 May 2007

Finding a Direction?

I know, you're tired of hearing about my mid-life art crisis when there are so many other things to worry about. I'm also assuming that someone is reading this, but perhaps you are.

About six months ago I think, I started a painting of moss and a painting of a javelina. Recently, I've done more work on them. Right now that equals 5-10hrs a weekend. They are very detailed, take a lot of patience and are growing the Zen within me. I have to be totally "On" when I'm working on them. Lots of coffee. A big change from my previous creative time staying up till two in the morning with lots of beer and a computer. The light is good during the day in the studio. Living on a busy street isn't that great. There are squeeling tires, shouts, barking, and sirens that fill up the sonic atmosphere. Builds character. Jane mentioned to me this morning about artist space opening up 2 hrs from here in Ajo. Making the jump to totally rural is scary.

I'm really pushing myself just to achieve these paintings. I'll do some more too. Planned are some blueberries on the bush and some ocean water. My jazz musician friend Kyle Bronsdon said, "I really got my chops up playing standards on the cruise ship for a couple years." That's what I feel like I'm doing now. Having been committed to the digital realm for a couple years, it's taking some time to get back the romance of painting. I'm interested in becoming a 'Master' of something and know painters do that in their 40's and 50's. I've been exploring contemporary painting on the Internet and bought some great magazines with great discussion about representational painting, drawing. My work for years as an abstractionist is fitting into this philosophy well. It's a relief to know that there is interesting discourse inside traditional art forms and outside of conceptual artworks. I'm getting interested in quality, density, detail and integrity. Another goal of mine is to sell every piece I do. It has to be that good.

I plan on taking on the figure in oil also. This fall I plan to do some intaglio. Intaglio is an ancient printmaking technique involving metal plates that are etched with acid. I did a lot of intaglio in school and just loved the fine black line it made.

When I see the work I produce with 5-10hrs on a weekend, it makes me wonder what I could do with 40hrs a week dedicated only to my artwork. We'll see what happens once I get my chops up.

I apologize for the sucky pics of the work in progress. Each painting will take a couple more passes before completion. Once finished, I'll scan them perfectly.

-just an aside. If you happen upon one of those LED keyring flashlights in the check-out line, get it. I've had one for more than a year and the battery is still good. It produces light with a spread comparable to a handheld flashlight, is handy and available all the time.

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