14 May 2007

Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point

An ocean side town a few hours drive from Phoenix and Tucson past the border into Mexico, it's the spring break location for drunken, violent frat boys getting robotically insolant, mysogynistic, disruptive and behaving extremely badly. It's beyond me why a priveleged american college-aged kid sees the need to become criminal as soon as they leave the county. "Hey BITCH!! Fuckin' FUCK YOU BITCH!! ("fuck you bitch" repeated over and over and over") I'm ready for the GANG BANG!!" –I heard through the walls of my hotel room. Then it went away... There for 10 minutes and then gone? Absolutely bizarre. Is a college student repressed? Got to get the anger out about not needing to work, feed oneself, and having to show up at class a few hours a week? Americans have more status than Mexicans IN Mexico? Apparently racism rules.

Spring Break has been over for a few weeks yet the locals are obviously OVER Americans. In fact, the overall impression I get from locals in Rocky Point is that they hate our fucking guts. No eye contact, no response to chit-chat, couldn't care less about compliments, would like you to go away. And I'm nice. I tipped everyone 25%. I asked if it was ok, wondered what was ok and did what I thought was ok. I even bagged dog poo on a beach filled with broken glass (few weeks old.) I followed the rules, spent money, smiled, and enjoyed myself. Jane is fluent in Spanish, they wouldn't chat with her, just "I don't know." They hate our guts. I know why.

Americans think they are superior to Mexicans and treat them like shit when they visit Mexico.

This area of Mexico has been quiet fishing communities for thousands of years. Now it's a pimp to asshole young americans; sadder than any environmental impact going on. The fishing families and their traditions turning to this trade is like Amish people building bars and casinos on their farmland. What thing in popular culture made Mexico into a completely lawless state in our eyes? Like we don't have organized crime in our country... We worship organized crime on TV! Italian Mafia are like gods walking among us. The people working in Rocky Point have 1950's brand values and devout appreciation of religion and it's morals. They think it's ridiculous that we wear shorts and flip flops to a restaurant.

At the same time I'm experiencing a light version of Mexican culture and hearing perpetual hip-hop without ever seeing one black person, I'm astounded at the natural beauty of the area. For some reason, the nature is why all this human pornography has sprung up right? Well, the Gulf of California is an amazing place. Volcanic and ancient sea bed, there is hardly any plant life on the land. It's incredibly desolate, but the sea life is like the jungle. The Colorado river drains into the gulf at this point, sending nutrients into the gulf to foster huge amounts of fish, shellfish and shrimp. The sea food here is outstanding. When you order seafood, it was caught today. I've never had better. Whales, dolphins, sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and octopus are just a few of the life forms that like this water. For us desert dwellers, it's a real treat. As a result, I only took pictures at one particular beach. My fellow Americans could give a rats ass outside of "Show me your tits!"

Not to worry mall-walkers because this part of Mexico is about to become gentrified. I saw probably a couple thousand units of condos being built right on the shore north of Rocky Point. It's not cheap. Although a breakfast for two is $8, a condo with 2 bedrooms is $2-$300,000. Someone in Mexico is getting rich. Recently, 5-10 yrs ago, it became possible for Americans to purchase land in Mexico, not merely lease it. So look out Rocky Point, there is an invasion happening. Baby Boomer retiries are coming, and for the most part, they behave better than their kids. I'm hoping that the locals will finally inherit the boutique jobs they deserve in the boutique place they live. Puerto Penasco, a North American Gem. I love you and try not to change. And don't let the assholes get you down!

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