23 August 2007

New Apple Keyboard

I'm not even a big enough Steve Jobs fan to download his stage show anymore at the openings of the new products but I used to be. He lost me at the, "iPhone is incredible, 9 months from now" show. His shows used to make tears come to my eyes and fill me with patriotic Apple loyalty.

So I'm not sure why I'm writing this blog.

Maybe it's the same reason someone asks you if you've seen a new movie you haven't seen and when you say, "Haven't caught that one yet," they immediately jet into an overtly gushing diatribe of what an incredibly great movie it was and too bad you weren't so creatively sensitive to notice it. It's that consumer competition we are all involved in. Of course, if you did see the movie and responded with something like, "It was so formulaic and wasn't that the plot from Lawn Mower Man?" Then, their response is something like, "Yeah, I saw that in it too, it was lame."

Now that I've expunged all consumer competition driven guilt from my critique of the new Apple keyboard... I'll continue.

I bought it first motherfuckers! And it's awesome!

3 days after it was out, I braved the suburban traffic and breast implants venturing to the Tucson Apple store in fabulous La Encantada shopping mall luxury complex of pure decadence. I tested the sucker out.

• Thin. Really thin. Almost like typing directly on your desk.
• Aluminum board with white keys. Nothing else in a frighteningly minimal way.
• USB connections aren't flaunted, they are hidden under the keyboard. Just non-descript wires flow from underneath unless you get the wireless version.
• Very small keystroke. I thought at first that old keyboards were more ergonomic. Then I went to the ergonomics page on the Apple site and typed out a couple thousand words from their description. This keyboard is like typing on air. I even tried out some of the 4 key shortcuts required in Photoshop. There was no "cranking" or over pressure needed to make sure all the keys are pressed. Someone has painstakingly figured out the smallest amount of pressure needed to define a key being pressed.
• It's $49
• The packaging was great. It was labeled, "Keyboard," with a picture of it and the Apple logo.

I'm completely sold on this keyboard. It's a revolution. I love it, love it, love it. And I just bought it this afternoon. I typed this whole blog with it and there were no animals hurt in the process.

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