04 January 2008

Learning PHP

As Jane has told me many times before, if you have a problem with education and it's system, there's always the library card. And indeed it's especially true in the age of internet.

When it comes to computer languages, and in my case, web client scripts, there aren't a lot of people that know it. Especially anything that deals with database. Contrary to this knowledge, when I want to learn PHP and am thinking of paying someone to teach me, I find, of course, brought to you by open source n' shit theology, a website called, "www.learnphpfree.com." Considering the power of PHP and it's widespread use, I can easily say that the "everyone has a library card," idea is in full throttle on the internet. Amazing. Really, you could make Hotmail or Amazon knowing this.

At this point I'd like to change the direction of this blog entry into the theme of, "wonders of education," and in my case, self education. Having done html, css and design work for the web for almost 10 yrs,(self taught), I'm the perfect candidate to learn php. In my first lesson I've learned what variables are and their different types: boolean, integer, floating point and string. I have come in contact with these magical terms before but until now haven't known what they were. One small step for Tom. The clouds are lifting. I'm amazed at the logic of computer science, the most logical of all! Why am I so amazed? Perhaps my round thinking didn't interpret the perfectly square geometry. Maybe I've been away from school too long but I'm really motivated by the ah-ha principle now.

Gotta wrap this and get back to tutorials, yes, that's what 'exciting me' is doing on a Friday night. As opposed to 'domestic' me, 'lumberjack' me, 'sexy me' (which I don't wish upon anyone), and the ever lovable, 'leave me the fuck alone and why did you cut me off in traffic' me. How do I wrap this up? Well.... Ahh... Looking for a big bang of an ending... Perhaps you should choose:

1) Look out M*therf*ckers, I'm about to own your information technology's ass.
2) Genius is at it again, time to call the investment banker.
3) Tom found one more diversion that will keep his attention for a week.
4) I'm going to turn off my phone for the next couple months so Tom doesn't call me with questions about, ";"
5) Why exactly am I'm reading this?

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