23 April 2008


I designed that!

I get involved with a variety of projects while I work at Ridgewood Associates, the largest PR firm in Tucson Arizona. I know that if I had stayed in Chicago, I'd be working for a flashy small boutique agency with huge clients or maybe be a contract lackey in a larger but more prestigious firm.

Not all of our clients are into cutting edge stuff, but sometimes we get those special clients with passion. I've been with EarthKnowledge from the beginning when I did their branding and logo 5 yrs ago. They are a consulting firm on Earth science projects ranging from whether Las Vegas should get water anymore to why Hugo Chavez shouldn't dredge the Venezuelian Amazan for oil. Consulting on large, public court cases. They've decided they should go web too.

Partnered with Google, they not only are creating a news portal for all science concerns on the Earth front, but also a bunch of stuff I realize I can't talk about just yet. But, it's all amazing, believe me. Cutting edge and coming to a popular web portal near you. Really familiar web portals. The big ones (not naming any names.) Just look at the giant widget Newsgator.com created that is embedded in the first page.

So, they asked for their website to look like the iPhone interface and I gave it to them. Take a look! Web 2.0.... all the way.

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