02 June 2008

Bought a 2006 Toyota Scion Today

The drama of saving for a car and getting our car stolen... returned unusable... renting a car and then buying a car is over. Given this introduction, I realize this may be a very boring blog entry. I'll summarize.

The Toyota Scion is perhaps the most ugly vehicle on the road. "The Box on Wheels"

It's a very "Hip Hop" car. A graffiti artists' wheels. Which I can identify with. Because I'm from the streets...

With 33mpg, 4 doors, automatic, and plenty of cargo, it's the small SUV with the cargo we need and we can take passengers. For the same price we could have purchased something HUGE given the plummeting value of larger vehicles. I felt like some kind of dwarf wandering around the backlot of the dearlership filled with Sequoias and full-sized Tundras.

We bought new "used" with 31k miles on it.

I now have a virtually new car, with adult insurance that covers so much that if I accidentally poop my pants, I'm going to get some money for that. Really, I deserve it. Poop doesn't grow on trees. (apparently cardboard does)

So, edging 40, I have adult insurance, and near perfect credit. I spent my 20's ruining my credit and my 30's repairing it.

It's a Toyota. We're going to drive it into the ground and squeeze out every penny.

I can do road trips again without something blowing out in mid-New Mexico.

So I'm promising to make this short. It hasn't really settled in after the 8 hours of test driving, credit checks, insurance inspections, mechanic inspections and forms to fill out. We have a new car. I like it. I don't have to worry anymore. Nuff said.

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