05 July 2008

Float Tank Session #3

July 4th I did my 3rd floatation tank session. Now I'm really getting into this! I am far from mastering this imagination tool but I am progressing with shorter "relax" periods till I get to dream state. I'm still not at a point of lucidity where I take control. Things are just appearing to me. Apparently my subconscious is working overtime on science fiction concepts because that's what a majority of my visions this time were:

Laser Rifle:
There in infinite black space, a weapon appeared. Doesn't it make sense that a laser gun would be made of optical equipment? It was heavy and about 30 inches long. The barrel looked like many telephoto camera lenses hooked up end to end. The surfaces had rings and ridges for adjusting just like that criss-cross pattern etched into a camera lens focusing ring. The grip was made of well worn leather. At the rear 'stock' part of the weapon was a rounded corner box with some hex head bolts holding the sides together that looked like the powerplant and laser housing. Some half-torn yellow/black diagonally striped hazard tape on it. A giant leather shoulder strap hinged from the center of the gun. All the parts looked used and a bit worn. Or maybe it was a really high powered flashlight!

Artic Alien Mantas Queen:
This was just a short clip of a vision but I concentrated to develop it a bit. I was visiting what looked like the royal igloo ice court of a human sized white praying mantas. I was really taken by the cleanliness of her white exoskeleton with a pearly white gloss surface almost glass-like. As she moved, the light would glint slight hints of pink and cyan from the edges. Her head had mouth parts and skull sections that fit together perfectly. The mouth parts moved with great fluidity and came to rest as if a robot. Her eyes were the only thing not white, they were huge and black with nearly no reflection. She wore a gray fur cape that came up and curved over the back of her skull to a sharp point over the top of her head. In the room there was something red and something yellow but I remember how nice it went with the black and white of everything else.

Computer With Organic Shape Interface:
Apparently I knew how to use this computer and was tweeking a program. Before me were an almost infinity of cellular shapes, like you might see through a microscope at organic tissue. Some sections were black on white and some were white on black. When my vision zoomed in, I saw that the organic shapes where made of infinite combinations of triangles, diamonds stars, squares. The way I manipulated the program was through a stylus. With it's point, I would tear parts of one shape and pull it to group with others. Double tapping would make them disappear. Double tapping in a different location made them appear. It was a total 2d experience and I pretty much just had to watch myself do it.

My next float is going to be closer to 10 days rather than a week from now. Illustration from Cris Vector.

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