20 July 2008

Sensory Deprivation #4

This is the fourth chapter in my exploration of sensory deprivation and or floatation tanks.

This time, I decided to go for the gold. I floated for 90 minutes. I could have gone 2-3hrs. I am convinced of something greater I have only briefly touched on. There is a mystery I just want to get a feel for. When I float, I lose all sense of body and worldly/human issues. I'm in a total silent black space. Like in a cartoon when the lights go out and you only see two eyes... There is something left after the body goes away. When I touch 'it,' I'm not sure if it's nothing or something. I'm looking for a color, flavor, or texture to hang onto. Something to aspire to. Something laying under my common experience I haven't noticed before. Something pure, genuine, perfect, flawless. I want something to hit me like a diamond bullet right through the forehead. This time, no diamond bullets.

There is no way you can't relax in the bath. People who know me can sense that I'm calmer. I can handle more things in my schedule, I haven't become flaky, less things bother me and I have kept my detail oriented mind. I've been told that things like handwriting can change. I've been told that it cures cancer. If stress ages the body, uses up organs... The only thing I can say for sure is that it relaxes you.

I'm familiar with my dream states. I explored those in the last few floats. This time I went exploring for something deeper. I didn't find it. I found an hour of mind chatter and a half hour of quiet place. I'm not discouraged. I'm going to change my life with this. I'll keep you posted.

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Frank Rodriguez said...

Welcome to the journey friend! I started my own journey in 1999 and then in earnest in 2001, floating 100s of times, first out of curiosity, then for pain relief, and eventually to explore a similar thing to what you're currently exploring.

Different people give that "thing" different names, but after interviewing 100s of people post-float (when I co-owned a float center), it's clear to me that there's a common experience many people have at some point in their exploration of floating. That experience is subtle but life-changing and well worth pursuing.

I invite you to join my yahoo group for floating enthusiasts at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/floattalk