16 August 2008

Float Tank Session #7

Number seven... I feel the benefit of floating. A more settled, centered calm core to my inner self. It's like the benefits of intense meditation. I'm glad I'm doing this regularly because there are things I haven't broken through with that I would like to. I still haven't pushed through to a full blown lucid experience. Just flickers and small samplings.

Visions in the tank:

Three Dimensional Grid in Space
I was floating without gravity in what appeared to be outer space, I approached a 3d grid. Lines of the grid would light up as I touched them but the golf ball sized intersections of the grid were solid and metallic. The aluminum-like "nodes" were each different and looked like number symbols up close. They were solidly anchored in space allowing me to grab them and pull myself along.

Odd Digital Tone
What the? For a moment a tiny red glowing dot appeared to the upper left of my vision accompanied by a single musical tone. Like an alert tone. Was my unknown chip implant rebooting? So strange.

Woodland Future Civilization
I was wearing brown leather combat pants with cargo pockets and various gadgets on my belt and thighs. I had a thick cotton shirt the color of deep indigo/forest green. I walked along a gravel path and could see a building through the pines in the distance. There was a corrugated metal roof. I walked the path till it met a bridge that crossed a small steep canyon. I marveled at the craftsmanship of the bridge. Cut stone and metal work that extended beyond the support columns underneath. The metal looked forged, not welded. Somehow a cross between something elvin and something Frank Lloyd Wright. There was a stone kiosk with a tiny golden video screen! It blinked and animated the same design motif as the architecture of the bridge.

Alien Message: Refine
My alien friend from my second float appeared. He had a message for me. I heard a partial vocalization, and then the word "Refine" entered my mind. Hmmmm. Talk about mysterious! I have to wonder about this one. Could mean anything.

Image by "Josh Miller" on flickr. Rendered in Secondlife.

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