18 September 2008

Paisley Painting

The joys of oil paint persist! Haven't painted all summer but finally got around to scanning my last completed piece. My painting philosophy has been lately: square in shape and anything you want to paint. 'Cause I'm a patterntologist if you didn't know and pretty much everything comes under the caption "pattern." I made up that word by the way, just to further my self-made-original-ego principle. It's an artist prerogative to adapt any order of language and make it their own. It jives with the square, microscope slip, perfect science sample idea.

This particular square was inspired by a REAL paisley textile. Jane got her clever little secondary market hands on a real, hand woven paisley at least 150yrs old (1880's), from India, and still in excellent condition. I was completely blown away by the fact that it had black in the design. A handmade, cultural hand-me-down design that resembles a Mandlebrot set. As I basically "copied" the design to learn it's inner workings, I started uncovering the motives of the originators of the paisley which has evolved from one weaver to another. The paisley also was adopted by the English and French who put their own influence on it.

Over the 24.5hrs I sloppily spent on this (I keep track on the back of my paintings), I couldn't even imagine the patience and intent required to hand weave this piece. This is only a small portion of the entire textile. I'm in awe.


julie said...

the paisley nod is super cool. people in the present do not have the same concept of time as peeps over 60 years ago. there used to be 24 hours in a day, right? how many are there now? i'm so confused.

Tom Baumgartner said...

That's why I love painting, which I've starting up again. Slows you down. I become more involved in the world visually. Noticing things. Because... everything on the computer, and daily life is imaginary? Optimized...?

julie said...

painting is really about the here and now. there is no rushing through an oil painting. it gets painted at the rate in which the pigments and mediums allow. everything on the computer makes everybody dull boys and girls. PICK UP A PAINTBRUSH OR SOMETHING FOR CHRISSAKES!

Tom Baumgartner said...

Open up Photoshop, choose pattern fill "canvas", go to the brush palette, choose "oil", go to the swatch box, choose "red", go to Photoshop "quit", go to the Apple icon, choose "shut down"
"are you sure?"
Hit "yes"