14 October 2008

What D & D Character Are You?

Am I a Democrat? Am I a Republican? After 2 yrs of campaigning? Well sir, if you don't know that, let's just put the fate of the country in your hands. You're obviously well suited for the duty of making educated judgments and decisions.

On a lighter note, and one that might be even more concrete, what Dungeons and Dragons character would you be if you chose to spend most of your free time playing a fantasy role playing game that has near to nothing to do with reality? Or... Does it???? Are you a human? Are you a dwarf? Are you of the transcendent race of elf or the primitive orc? Are you a barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer or wizard? Are you good? Are you evil? These are things that common polls cannot reveal.

Readers, I present a challenge to you. Reveal your true Middle Earth self: What Kind of D&D Character Would You Be?

The 129 questions seem to be loosely based on employee psyche tests but I haven't done enough to know. Some questions are hard and some that don't apply. All in all, I have found this to be pretty accurate.

What am I? I'm a lawful neutral human sorcerer. I have skills of illusion, creativity, charisma and tools that are close at hand. I can use my well practiced skills immediately. My alignment (evil vs. good) makes me flexible but not able to access completely evil or completely good powers.

Jane also undertook the 129 question exam. She is a wizard! (knew it) She's a true neutral human wizard. Jane decides if laws are good enough to follow. As a wizard, she has access to much more knowledge and powerful spells. Wizards have better powers of concentration, less spontaneity, but much more knowledge.

Beware! Those who enter Suite 125, you enter a hall of magic and mystery inhabited by beings of magical powers!


Doug said...

Hey, I took the Challenge! I'm pretty much in the same boat. I'm a Lawful Good Human Wizard/Sorcerer. It put my primary class as Wizard and secondary at Sorcerer. Score wise it was split 6/6 winzard to sorcerer. I always thought of myself as a ranger, but I guess the working world makes me more of a wizard/sorcerer. Ranger was runner up with 4pts. It also looks like I was right on the cusp between Lawful good (21 pts) and Lawful neurtral (20pts).

So, since we are all just putzing around with spells, we better find some fighters, thieves, and clerics, before we head out for the dragon filled dungeons!

Tom Baumgartner said...

I too wish I would come out as Ranger and had to keep myself from slanting my answers!

Alas, surrounded by wizards!