26 November 2008

Tom Baumgartner: I.Q.=135

Feeling dumb happens to a brain once in a while. My reaction was to go find out how dumb I really am. I wanted to know my I.Q. score. The tagline for iqtest.com says, you're "Smarter Than You Think." (padded results gauranteed?) I did pretty average on the SAT's so I wasn't expecting much.

Iqtest.com has 267k visitors per month. That's a pretty good pool of data. The test is a timed true/false quiz that challenges you in multiple ways. Geometry, vocabulary, arithmetic, memory, spatial thinking... While taking the test, you can see yourself being hit from many different directions.

How did Tom do?
I did better than 99% of all the test takers in most categories.
My computational speed really pulled the curve down on my results. I only did better than 42% of all the test takers! Guess I'm "slow." Nothing a bit of cybernetics couldn't solve. My geometric and spatial scores are the stars of my intelligence. (pulls suspender straps out by the thumbs)

From iqtest.com:

"Your General IQ Score of 135 shows how able your mind is in general. Anyone with a General IQ Score this high is considered to be gifted. This score is better than 99.02% of all persons taking this test. Virtually all occupations can be comprehended with a General IQ this high. You should be able to handle almost all academic challenges.

How well one can comprehend geometric relationships of lines, sides, planes, angles, and topological properties strongly determines one's ability to make sense of visual information. The strength of one's geometric ability can strongly determine how quickly knowledge can be absorbed if it is presented visually.

Your Geometric IQ score of 147 is exceptionally higher than your General IQ score.This score is better than 99.91% of all persons taking this test.

Computational Speed:
Your Computational Speed IQ score of 97 is significantly lower than your General IQ score.This score is better than 42.07% of all persons taking this test.

While speed cannot be the sole factor in determining overall superiority in one mental operations, in general faster computational speed will often indicate that a problem's comprehension was more complete. With everything else being equal, a person with faster computational speed than another person's will be better at tasks that require the synthesis of many bits of information."

To conclude, I feel smart, but not THAT smart. Not smart enough to wear the smarty pants. Being an IT and graphics professional, I think I'm challenged on a daily basis to learn quickly and solve problems quickly. (see most stressful jobs) Ask me to compute something, it's going to take a while!

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