02 December 2008

Published in Baltimore Examiner!

Good friend and fellow appreciator of all interesting things in life, Juliette Goodwin, talented painter and suddenly wonderful mother of twins, has been kind enough to guest host some of my writing about the substance psyllium. Psyllium being something you eat. Only after MAJOR edits and omissions was my gutter sense of humor allowed to be featured in the Baltimore Food Examiner. Perfectly understandable. Matters of taste concerning humor must be strictly upheld. Words like, "ass," shall be replaced with words such as, "bottom." I put on my most uppity English accented inner voice to rewrite the piece.

Given the uncensored freedom of expression exercised at patterntology.blogspot.com, I must point out the ORIGINAL, more adult version of this essay entitled, "Bran Blowing Out Your Butt." The original including the well crafted, "list of the things that came out of my ass," after a healthy ingesting of the mentioned substance.

Do take a look.

See the original.


julie said...

hey tom. nice. did you want a link to your patterntology site on the post, or do you prefer to remain anonymous, relatively speaking. lemme know!

great work, by the way. thanks for sharing. sharing is caring.

-- julie.

Tom Baumgartner said...

I don't really need a link. Unless it's simple. I'm just happy you offered me the opportunity to brag a bit! I'm game to do it again if you ever need someone to fill in in the future.