24 January 2009

Float Tank Session #19

I think I've found the formula for floating. Bit of coffee in the hours before, plenty of sleep during the days before, little bit of exercise, and some self-programmed pressure (note to self: lets come up with some ideas.) Floating in a sensory deprivation tank is a lot like meditation except it's easier. My meditations were 90% forget about external stimulus and 10% lets get to the bottom of life, existence and everything. With floating, it's 10% get rid of external stimulus and mind chatter and 90% what are you gonna do now that you have all the powers of the universe? I'm liking this a lot and it's becoming my special weekly creative session.

I've been wanting a lucid dream experience from the first day I started floating. Today I did it in a full blown, extremely detailed way. Finally!

Visions I saw while in the tank:

Nanite Planet
So I'm walking on a planet that is not Earth and who's surface is hard like rock and gently black rolling hills. Pretty much an uneventful sphere as far as I can see. There is no sky, just an overcast fog that lights everything from every direction. The rock surface isn't rock. It's black like graphite and made of billions of centimeter wide hexagonal rods packed tightly at varying heights to make up the surface. It still has an organic land feel as I walk in my black rubber boots over rises and dips. Squeek, squeet. I see a small dark bit of fog coming my way. As it passes me by, I reach out my hand and try to grab some of it. As the fog hits my cheek I can feel a grittiness to the air. I look down in my hand and see hundreds of nanites (microscopic robots, or barely visible robots.) Each is a tiniest pin prick of a black sphere with 3 hair-thin "legs" coming off of it. They move. Some of them link together in a line and start to crawl like a worm off the edge of my palm. They are all light as air as I wave my hand and they are sent slowly floating down to the ground. I rub my eyes that itch along the edges and figure some nanites stuck in wet edges of my eyes and are working their way out with their tiny tripod legs.

I get a telepathic message that the nanites are trying to build a planet that invites humans to live on it. Possibly a sinister invitation, but for now

I walk on.

Before me is what looks like a puddle. It's a shade of dark gray surrounded by the black, more dense 'rock' I've been walking on. I step into the puddle. It gives way like quicksand a few inches and then the nanites below my feet create a solid surface and start to elevator me up.

I walk on.

I see pillows of lighter colored material hugging the ground ahead of me. When I step on them they are soft like thick moss. I kneel down and examine the nanites interconnected in an open organic weave that must allow more light in and reflect a lighter shade of gray. Laying down, it's comfortable!

Forest Speeder
Remember the Star Wars speeder bike? I had the small industrial version shorter than a bicycle. Like a small titanium rocking horse, The saddle and hand grips were caste of bright orange industrial plastic. A basket hooked on the back. Riding it wasn't easy. Being an anti-grav device, it had no bounce. It gave only a small stiff amount when I sat in the saddle. And it wasn't fast. I wound myself through the trees a twice as fast as walking, in a forest much like a Washington State Coast rain forest, and found a small clearing. I dismounted and pulled out of the storage rack mounted on the back of the speeder:

Fusion Powered Shovel/Auger
I'm going to have to start drawing diagrams. It's getting hard to describe these things but here goes. Imagine a shovel that has a 10 inch egg beater on the end. Imagine the top of the shovel isn't a handle but bicycle handle bars with two bicycle hand grips. Where the 'shaft' meets the 'handlebars' is a small cylinder with multiple rings and a small blue glowing disc in the middle (fusion motor.) This drives the shaft at the end of which is a group of titanium blades resembling an egg beater. Above that is a half sphere of heavier alloy on a flywheel that rolls in the opposite direction of the egg beater to counter weight the spinning action. The incredible power in the small motor, the strength of the metal in the parts made for digging made for an effortless hole in the forest floor.

p.s. Didn't look in the hole, just dug one.

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