22 January 2009

Float Tank Sessions #10 - #18

Yes, I'm STILL floating in a sensory deprivation tank as regularly as I can at Still Waters in Tucson. Never gave it up. I aim for 90 minutes weekly. I really like it! One of those integral parts of my life now. It's so perfectly strange in one way, and so perfectly meditative and indifferent in another. Zen doesn't care. Sometime in the future I'll have my own tank. A strange thing happened on floats 10 through 17; nothing happened. I didn't have any mind blowing visions. No amazing insights or lucid experiences. I'm not sure where I went. I know I was shooting for deeper levels. Trying for total blackout. A deep blue chill zone that warms you in universal acceptance. It feels healthy to touch base with something so inside and still and knowing and calm you didn't know you had. I would like to learn to sleep in the tank. Teresa says it may take a year to be able to sleep.

#18 was like the first 9 because I decided to ask the float of something. "Float, make me a pony!" And it delivered.

Visions seen in the tank:

Flesh Battery
It was made of flesh! It was covered in smooth hairless skin! About the dimensions of a Websters Dictionary. On a corner of one end, the skin gets redder and more wrinkled like a nipple. Attached is a white plastic connector with a wire trailing off. (Must be where the television plugs in.) My mind peals away the layers of flesh in the object to reveal the inner workings. There is a set of 8 cylinder shaped organs with a slightly metallic sheen like oil on water. Between the cylinders are a myriad of veins and connecting tissue. With layers of the flesh peeled away, I recognize the yellow bubbly fat tissue that surrounds all the 'battery cell' cylinders. Seems to me a genetically engineered organ that has simulated a battery with metalic membranes. Matrix?

Antenna of Everything
I walked along a Nevada desert landscape carrying an object. A basketball shaped aluminum ball, like Sputnik, with a gazillion antennas sprouting out at every angle. Some antenna were like telescoping radio antenna and some had fiber-optic thin stems with shiny black ends the size of b-b's. I walked to an open level space and placed the sphere on a tripod. I was a surveyor of sorts. I was telepathically told it was an an antenna that sensed everything. Understanding that everything is waves, light frequencies slow down and eventually become radio waves, and even solid objects emit a wave signature, seemed plausible at the time. Looking back at the thought, an everything antenna would probably just be a simple sphere. Satiates my 1950's sci-fi fantasy. : )

One more plug for Still Waters, the floatation spa I go to in Tucson. Teresa has a newly renovated one bedroom apartment adjoined to the float spa in case you want a get away weekend with full private access to the tank. Kitchen, bedroom, private porch. I'm considering a concentrated stay-cation. $90 a night with unlimited buffet access to the float tank.

Photo (graphic) Credit: Chris McMurray

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