12 January 2009

Second Life Is A Game You Make!

2009 is going to be all about learning for me. Instead of debating (whining) whether to learn actionscript/flash/php or master css positioning or Second Life Linden Scripting.... I'm just going to learn it all. This blog is about the Second Life part.

Virtual Reality is coming to a web experience near you. Whenever Sun Microsystems markets the universal VR platform, there's going to be a huge need for VR developers. For now, you can play in the sandbox with the early adapters in Second Life. I've dabbled in the place for 2 years but now I'm focused on learning some serious world building skills.

I've played a few video games. I suck. More than excelling at playing games like Myst, Quake, or Battlefield 2142, I just wanted to look at the graphics and experience the artificial worlds. I want to make worlds myself. Second Life is a game where you make the world! It's fun and there are many, many other creatives in there to talk to.

Quick Game Synopsis:
You enter the world for free. You can make yourself (avatar) look like anything you want. You have all control over your body parts, shape, color, hair, clothing, accessories. You can build anything you want: buildings, cars, planes, televisions, trees, clouds, fish, etc. These can be animated, and interactive. You can morph landforms into snow covered mountains, beaches or underwater reefs. You can stream video and live sound into the world so, like my biz partner Kyle Bronsdon, you can put on live music concerts. You can make movies and take photos in Second Life using real (avatar) actors. You can make real money selling these things. That's right! Second Life currency, Linden Dollars, can be taken out of Second Life and plopped right in your account.

Alien Now
I've been holding back one major fact. My real breakthrough with Second Life was the purchase of a new imac with a good video card. The last two years I've sort of dabbled with achingly slow hardware. Now the game runs like butter! I've been obcessed with aliens for some reason so in order to free my inner alien, I made an alien avatar and have begun building a flying saucer for myself. Will flying saucers sell on the open market? Would be nice. I do all my work on a floating island, away from spectators and with my head in the upper atmosphere.

Currently I (my name in world is "Quota Soon") have a gallery in conjunction with Kyle Brondson (aka Kyle Beltran) on the island of Puli. My gallery is called "patterntology" and Kyles club is "Meatspace Lounge." The term "meatspace" is adapted from Gibsons cyberpunk classic "Neuromancer" meaning "the area that isn't in cyberspace."

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