13 February 2009

Music Is Math

Music Is Math from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

Try to view fullscreen if you can!

There is a truth in this animation you can't turn away from. Simple, yet entropically complex to keep your attention for that long.

Friend Matt Routh turned me onto this video produced with open source software called Processing. I've been a big fan of John Maeda, teacher of the originators of Processing, during his humble beginnings at Aesthetics and Computation Group MIT (was the most interesting thing on the web for years), his Absolut Vodka ad, his Reebok shoes, his current position as President of Rhode Island School of Design, and his book, "Laws of Simplicity," of which I own and cherish. John is the perfect mix of work ethic, experimentation, digital beauty, concept and computer science. Having that math mind would be greatly appreciated by this patterntologist. I'd give my legs.

I downloaded and worked with Processing once. I learned two things: this custom graphics/math compiler could do almost anything, AND this would require God-Level math skills I don't have. On one hand, I know I have better drawing and painting skills than a designer like Maeda, on the other hand, I know Maeda is the new type of creative for this millenium. Designers with this set of skills, can communicate things I can only imagine. Things I can only suggest in my art.

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