01 March 2009

Float Tank Session #20

Float #20! Twenty times depriving my senses of this world and entering another one. I've earned my floatist merit badge. Yup, still floating at Still Waters in Tucson. One day I'll have my own float tank, but for now this does just fine. My visions in the tank will probably continue to be SCI-FI futuristic. Guess that's where my mind is!

Visions Seen While Floating In The Tank:

Jewelry Level Female Android
I'd been gawking at Scott Kays jewelry design the day before noticing it's sometimes asymmetrical, sometimes organic qualities. The image for this entry shows some of Scotts work (and a sexy android.) In the tank, I examined the details of a sterling silver female android as if it were designed by master Kay. Tooled, cast or etched, I'm not sure. Every surface of her body was coated in fine detail. Around the naval and nipples were gold inlay. She did some slightly ballerina moves displaying her facets. This was accompanied by a subtle ringing sound. You know, the sound when metal bends but the silver rang at a higher pitch.

Crude Oil Planet
Perhaps an interplanetary oil spill? (ridiculous, I know) Imagine a giant sphere of liquid crude oil large enough to walk on and have it's own gravity. This planet never rotated, so the side facing its' sun grew a hardened shell you could walk on. When I hit the surface in my space suit (see next vision) I didn't know what to expect. The surface was a waxy brown substance that gave under your foot and left dull prints. I walked to an outcropping. It was made of brown crystallized blades sticking out at regular angles. The ends of the feathery blades were paper thin and nearly white.

Space Suit with Bell Shaped Helmet
On approach to the crude oil planet, I did a space walk. My space suit was so simple. The entire body was made of one seamless piece of material, black, textured like rip stop Gortex, and very thin. The pads of hands and feet had a thin rubbery material on them. My helmet was one piece of clear material, glass thin and shaped like a bell. It fit to the suit by an eighth inch metal ring with a simple latch to clamp it tight. In orbit around the crude oil planet were smaller globs of crude oil. I touched one with my hand. I could feel the weight of the glob and watched it break apart and parts of it stick to my suit when I pulled my hand away. Little black BB-sized globes shooting off everywhere.

Crystal CPU with Liquid Circuits
Briefly, my mind revolved around a clear, cut crystal diamond shaped object. As I zoomed in on the image I noticed thousands of little channels inside with a bluish liquid flowing. Channels near the surface fanned out and took on pink or yellow hues. I wondered how that would happen? Temperature changes within? Now that I think about it, rather than a CPU, it might have been some kind of crystal life form!

I'm doing a little experiment. I'm offering this blog entry as an audio file. Maybe you like it? Easier to listen to than read?


Doug said...

I think it would be more interesting to hear you read your blog entry instead of the synthesizer. The inflections in your voice create more energy in your ideas...

Crude oil planet? Could it have been a dead nanite planet?

Tom Baumgartner said...

Ah, well. I thought I'd try it. Seems to lend itself more to the aesthetic in Scannerbot.