16 March 2009

Float Tank Session #22

I've been in a wildly creative upswing lately. In pursuit of the strange. This float session reflects some strange! Yes it's my twenty second float in a sensory deprivation tank in Tucson.

Visions seen while in the tank:

Banquet, and I'm the Table
So I'm at the head of a long royal banquet table. Am I king? A royal feast is underway with all order of gold and ruby encrusted goblets, plates, trays, and bowls. The table is filled with a number of strange guests (see next sections) all laughing and cavorting. Then my field of vision lowers and I realize I'm the banquet table. How did I know this? I felt each of the plates, goblets etc, lifting and being placed back down. I felt everyone drinking my wine as if it were one of my bodily fluids. I was a banquet table cow with gold and ruby encrusted utters in the shape of a feast!

I just have to pause a minute here for reflection. I have NEVER in my wildest imagination ever become an inanimate object. This is certainly a first of strange for me!

Monkey Headed God
One of the feast participants was a monkey-headed man dressed in 18th century swashbuckler clothing. Sword and lace collar included. If having a monkey head weren't enough, he also sported some ample deer antlers. Quite charming. I added some deer antlers to Matt Coiffi's brilliant CG work for this posts illustration. Check his site, he's pretty masterful.

Jackal Headed God
Anubis? I've seen him before in dreams. This time he ate at the banquet that was me. He wore some eastern robes of gold threads and red velvet. Some paisley in that robe. One of the more demure guests, he held a relaxed gaze being more of an observer. I could feel his super natural intelligence leaking off into the air.

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julie said...

This time he ate at the banquet that was me.