21 June 2009

Looking for a House

Last weekend I was working out with Jane how we would rearrange the workspace so that I could paint again. Clean out storage to make room for more important stuff? A shelving system with pulleys that pull things towards the ceiling? Then I thought, why don't we just get a house?

Could I get a house? I dunno. On Monday I met with an agent. On Wednesday I had the paperwork. On Thursday I was approved for a loan. On Friday I had a long list of properties to look at. It's Sunday and our group of 3 has boiled down to one. For now. So, we'll have to go look inside soon.

House hunting is supposed to be a fun thing to do. For me it's been very stressful to boil down what exactly I cannot live without. Size became the most important thing. We need a studio for painting, room for the computers, a yard for the animals and room for Jane to store and work on her vintage and designer clothing. Would be nice to take my shop tools out of storage and have them available. Then there is location. I like to take the dogs to the wash or desert trails for a before breakfast hike. I'm so spoiled by my 10 minute commute I don't want to let go of it. I'm also used to my side of town. Feels like home.

Driving by one house, we noticed the door was open and walked in uninvited with our morning hair and weekend clothes. The agent was a bit alarmed and followed us around shooting us dubious looks. Turns out that although a nice deal can be found in a suburb, we don't want it. I really have nothing to worry about. I have the construction skills to work with most any property. So now it's all about fishing and waiting. And yes, it really is a good time to buy! : )

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Doug said...

Cool! Go for it and keep us posted.