26 July 2009

House: The Hunt Continues

Since we've last spoken, Jane and I have traveled hundreds of miles and looked at many fine locations to center our life for years to come. We considered small towns far outside the Tucson city center. We have an accepted offer on one in Tucson. On the forgotten edge of a nice neighborhood, minutes from work, 1500sq ft., 3 beds, 2 baths, a newly built outbuilding in the back, security gates, and an observation deck! I don't need to go into how inexpensive it is, and I don't have to go into how unattractive it is either. The location has a very Ballardian taste near an abandoned industrial area that nature is reclaiming. To Jane and I, this is a diamond in the rough we will transform into a shining jewel. In classic Tucson fashion of the compound, we will probably build a giant wall around it. More pics here.

Of course, there has to be complications. This week will be very interesting. The owner is dealing with some utility issues that might end up being expensive. Hopefully this doesn't skew the deal. With every twist in this winding road towards abodum, I get more and more underlaying jitters. I will be counting the days until I have a nice, spacious studio to paint in.

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