22 September 2009

Negative Space

Ain't life grand? My goodness what a complete gift to be alive and have senses. The miracle of the mind is fathomless. Those in-between times when it's just you and the universe, and you look down at the raindrops hitting the sidewalk pushing a piece of broken leaf, it's only your moment, like you're the first person to witness a bloody crime scene. Personal, just you and it, like death.

I was driving and my vision opened up as if I were looking from behind me. I saw the road, I saw the hills around, I saw my arms, I saw the dashboard. I studied the shadow of the car on the road and realized the position of the sun and then I was outside the car watching it move along and inside the car watching my hands move the steering wheel a the same time. So simple. Moments of inconsequence to anyone else, moments I can grab by the collar and shake some meaning out of.

Negative space has been on my mind. The shape of air around a pine tree. Hugging every needle to it's thousand pores. Slipping under flaking bark with razor sharp exactness. Pushing into every microscopic crack of the splintered stump of a broken off branch.

How many plants are in a square yard? How many blades of grass? How many perfect circular holes are punched in the imaginary surface of the earth? How many stones float beneath my feet suspended like clouds in solid earth? It all seems familiar. So simple.

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Decker said...

true, the universe is full of this negative space.