27 November 2009

Lost Love: The Saddest Music

Remember mix tapes? I do.  Something friends did for friends before file sharing and the 21st Century copyright laws hysteria.  Back when you bought an album and let friends record it on their "tape to tape" boom box?  You'd get really creative with the cover art n' shit.  I have hand made tape inserts given to me by friends of meticulously cut-out and glued together porn mag pics, glitter, photocopied hand drawn art, bark (yeah tree bark worked for that acoustic guitar album) and christmas wrapping paper.  It used to be the gift that meant a lot because it took some thought and enterprise to produce.  Now it's a crime.

My mix tape is called, "Lost Love."  My greatest collection of sad songs I've accumulated in my long sad life. : )  Perhaps trite and dated, perhaps too classical, perhaps too EMO, perhaps too wall of sound, I don't care.  I'm too spun-out into the cosmos of unhappiness and despair to notice and I'm happy with that.  I love when I'm there.  It touches me deeply.  You feel it like nothing else when you are feeling low.

There are actually 4 parts to the mix.  Lament, anger, sadness, and rebound.  The penultimate breakup story.  My best shot at a concept.  I just couldn't make an album of sadness and end it with sadness.  It never does.  The demarcations are revealed in the cover art.  Please, put away the razor blades until you hear the whole thing through because, my sensitive soul-mate, we all are creatures of love and refuse to be destroyed by it.

Download the saddest bunch of music you've ever heard:  HERE

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Tom Baumgartner said...

Looks like at least 10 people have downloaded this album of sadness so far. Hope it hurts as good as it did me.