29 January 2010

Studio (Command Center) Tour

It's been a while since I blogged.  •••It's been busy•••  Took 11 full days over 3 weeks to move and then renovation started.  Knocking out walls, building walls, putting in doors, wiring sockets, wiring switches, wiring outlets.  When I take some good photos, I'll blog about what I've done to the new house over roughly 6 weeks.

One of my thoughts was that I could take 'snaps' of my paintings and drawings as they progress.  Then I thought of doing that with a webcam.  I started testing out the webcam and decided to do a little video of my studio.  The audio slips up when I'm talking about the drywall patch that used to be a closet opening. My bad, it's a 12' x 15' room.


julie said...

love seeing your new studio assembling. will you be doing your big paintings in there as well? is there good ventilation? i am very jealous. so glad you guys got a home and are making it perfect. looking forward to more updates. welcome back!

Tom Baumgartner said...

Did more moving in today. Now I can start working! Ventilation? Window and upper opening that will turn into a tilt window. The largest paintings I've done in the last few years is 48" x 48". I like to work on the tilted surface of the drafting table when I paint. New work will be pretty detailed so, less gestural.

Thanks for the feedback! Excited to start sharing my new work.