31 October 2010

Deerman Started

My goodness, with all thats going on, I got some painting in this weekend.  3-4hrs worth, not much.  The job is more intense and I'm also into this house renovation big time.  Sometimes I think I should stop painting and just finish the house, but balanced life, balanced time schedule and everything will work out.

First off, haven't done figure painting in 20 yrs.  Got the colors down but now it's all about figure shape.  Knowledge is power here.  To me, it's the pinnacle of artistic knowledge and if I can master this, I can do all.  Believe me, the imagination is pushing me to portray all.  So, here you see my first baby steps...  Does a deer god deity have a circumcised or uncircumcised penis?


Kyle Bronsdon said...

Definitely uncut :)

julie said...

uncut, dude. i'm surprised you had to ask!!!