26 April 2011

Orange Design LLC

I've been a regular blogger since 2006 and have never gone this long without a blog.  Sorry!

I started my own company.  I'm officially Orange Design of Tucson, Arizona.  Why orange?  Just seem to like that color with all its' vibrancy, action, brightness, Zen monk robe color...  I saw this Science Channel show about insulation (yes, I'll watch a show about insulation) and there was this aero foam used to insulate the space shuttle body on re-entry.  Put into a kiln and heated to 2500 degrees you could pick up this cube of aero foam with your bare hands as it glowed orange from the inside.  That's the orange I want.  All that amazing energy comfortably at your fingertips.  Just look at this blog!  It's all orange!

What do I do?  Pretty much everything I always did:  HTML, CSS, Flash, Video, 3d Illustration, print, Joomla and Wordpress.

People always tell me, "Now that you're the boss, you can make your own schedule."  Ha!  Ok, well maybe...  Two months out, I've spent most of the time working through weekends and waiting for that day off to come by.  Now I'm settling in.  Got some good funnels of work, got my book keeping down and if I keep my head level, it will be the best year I've ever had.

I've learned a lot in the past decade, have much to consult on.  Design-wise, if my portfolio isn't extremely talented in one direction or another, I can confidently say I have RANGE (get it?  just add an "O") because I can design for a variety of situations.  

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Doug said...

Best of luck to you, Tom. You got the chops for it!