21 April 2012

Astrolabe - Compass

Had to create an actual object of magical origin.  Direction is important.  Part of my image alchemy process includes mixing tracings of differing disciplines.  Case in point: the corner shapes of the frame are component shapes from the control dashboard of the space shuttle.  I re-drew a compass face from a 19th century ships compass.  The corner symbols are augmented American Indian designs.  Ruby filled clock workings surround.  An ambiguous device of unknown origin, giving meaningless directional advice under the guise of pseudo-scientific markings and construction.  Is it ancient?  Is it futuristic?

Recent discussions have me thinking I'll revisit the Future Primitive Guide using new tablet software options and the possibility of sequels.  Never finished the original, went on to the sequel, maybe I should go start from the beginning and make a complete pass of it.

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