30 August 2012

Wee Gallery

So, we are opening the OZMA Atelier store on Saturday the 1st.  It's going to be a giant party!  Somewhat ceremonial for Ozma since it's a goal achieved after six years of carefully growing her business.  The space has another room about 12' x 12' and a nice wide hallway and I've always wanted a gallery of my own.  So, why not?

The store is conveniently in a building including artist studios and the prestigious Conrad Wilde Gallery.  Just next door is the influential Davis Domiguez Gallery.  Even better about the location, it's on the 1st Saturday gallery walk.  So, there we are.

Since it's a one room small gallery, 'wee' seemed just the right term for it.  Add some tongue and cheek and you get our logo.  A tip of the hat to the Juxtapose revolution, bringing back quality and skill to art.

The aim of the gallery is to give full benefit to the artist.  No percentage, no charge, just hang the work and reap the rewards.  Every artist knows this is the best possible situation.  We'll start taking applications once the website is up and the gallery is in order.

At present, the gallery itself is not completed.  The aim is to be official in October.  Artwork is displayed in the hallway (permanent show) right now.  The gallery room needs some renovation.  Conduit removed, walls plastered, additional lighting, and some nice hardwood flooring (like every gallery needs.)  And a bench.  It's actually big enough for the obligatory, simple bench in the middle of the room for patrons to sit and ponder.

Oh, go here:  https://www.facebook.com/WeeGallery

New plastic fantastic website gallerywee.com

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hellhot said...

Very cool! Congratulations on the Wee space. Great concept. Maybe some qualified and skillful, grateful artists will help you with the renovations...