10 April 2013

Open Studio Tour at Wee Gallery

Since opening Wee Gallery in September of 2012, I noticed a growing number of compadres asking if I still did the graphic light boxes anymore.  The first and last time I showed them was in 2005!  Since then I've worked up pieces but never put them into production.  Not wanting to hog the feature gallery room, I thought the Open Studio Tour would be a good opportunity to show new work.  I'll be hanging in the Wee Gallery Annex (some would call it a hallway!)

I'm creating 3 from a series called "Deities and Demons," that seems to be an ongoing part of my ink drawings.  I have to admit some creative influence from Matthew Yates and Rosanna Salonia.  Exposed to their work and owning some of it, I started working with vintage imagery to see where it would go.  With large, 2' x 4' digital transparencies in fluorescent light boxes, it's hard to make something look authentic.  Instead, it seems to come off as something entirely different like the light panels doctors use to view x-rays.

"/shift" show in 2005, boxes in production, new prints before mounting
The Tucson Artists' Open Studio Tour is all over town the 13th and 14th of April.  Four of us, Amy Novelli, Rosanna Salonia, Matthew Yates and I will be on hand in the gallery to chat.  It's also an opportunity to pick up some deals as we'll be putting more work out for display.  Here's a link to the event on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/163587357134927/

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