09 June 2013

World Changing Fusion Power Reality?

If Andrea Rossi's invention is for real, this is going to change the world.  Cold fusion at last!  Put energy into the device and 10 times the energy comes out.  The peak energy output is 3 times what gasoline produces.  The technology is called E-Cat and a home product is proposed.

We've been scammed by the fusion power hoaxes before, but this one is passing initial tests in Sweden (link from Forbes) before it goes onto larger peer review.  One of the scientists that tested the device is former chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society.  Very promising!  Either way, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out in the scientific community, in the political arena and in the commercial realm.  Will governments take control to ease out present energy infrastructure?  Will energy companies try to buy out the technology?  Will efforts be taken to delay the production?

Since learning about this Friday, my head has been trying to wrap around what it would mean to have nearly free energy.  Thinking on the game-changing order of railroads, the combustion engine, plastics and antibiotics.  Will we enter a golden age of humanity?  Population will most likely increase, alot.  Carbon output could reduce by 90% thus combatting climate issues.  Economies will change but how?  The future is now!

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