26 June 2015

Corvux Bigelow

Last year about this time, I was hiking around Mt. Bigelow. I was struck by how sound carries around up there, the radio towers and the primitive feel of the pines. My consciousness was altered in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. I spent most of the day circling around the peak hunting a composition and stopping for periods in the shade to get a feeling of place. There were workmen climbing the towers doing maintenance. You could hear their walkie talkies going off. A band of ravens perched near me and started speaking. Normal low squawks, bumpy chuckles and sometimes almost human noises.

This is an expansion of the therianthropy series of 5 paintings I did last year. The artwork is 16" x 32" in oil. I completed this in March but it took a while for me to go and get it scanned. My next paintings will be smaller, around 11"x17". I have a show in September with Mykl Wells at Michael Contreras Gallery, so I'll be busy this summer.

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