29 June 2019

Bought a H3 3.7L Hummer

I've wanted a 4x4 since I could walk and talk. For the last few years I've been a passenger on off-road trips, packing light and doing dishes to appease my drivers. Every trip I'd say "I'm going to get a vehicle soon... Almost got the money."  But a Hummer?

I used to make fun of these things for a good reason. Huge, difficult to park, sucks gas, lots of plastic pieces creating a useless macho design statement. I think Hummer got the message too and made the H3. It's a smaller, more manageable machine that may see 300k in it's lifetime with a mpg of 18-22 (owner claimed). I bought this so I could enjoy the backroads of Arizona where I've lived for 20yrs and not seen half of. I think I've camped in Mexico more. Yes it's for family trips and off-road camping, no it won't be commuting.  Our Scion XB is our urban go-cart with great longevity and gas mileage for everything else.

I bought it for 10K with 134,000 miles on it. It's not as bouldery as a Jeep Rubicon, not as zippy as a Toyota FJ Cruiser but it's larger and gets better gas mileage. Some motor heads compare it to the International Scout as an oddball that will eventually be collectable. In my research, I find it to be misunderstood. Perfect for Jane and I. We do get some looks when we step out of it.

As someone who's lived life low, buying a bargain house, and keeping expenses down so I can have a creative life and job, this is probably the most luxurious thing I own. I'll be hitting the backroads of the west with heated leather seats, and a sunroof, you know, to let sun in (it's 109F today).

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