20 November 2006

patterntology: the blog

Friends requested that I update the little html box I had on my web site so they could be more in touch with me from afar. And they wanted me to update more often.

The little box became neglected because I chose to create well crafted emails to close friends. Then I began cutting and pasting those emails to others that wanted to know the latest on me. Then I thought, "Why don't I want a blog?" Simultaneous creation of rss feeds, technocrati keyword links and delicious links, with the easy addition of video and photos? Much easier than manually reproducing all these things on my own website.

So, here I am giving in. Giving into simplicity and syndication. This software is nice. I like it. Myspace sucks. That's good for you and me. Right?


ESBConcepts said...

Hi Tom, your last name almost matched my late
Dad's name which was Tom Bumgarner.
You and Jane have an interesting blog, and I have enjoyed reading it.

Scott Bumgarner
Sherman, TX

julie said...

hi tom

it's julie g in bmore.

good to see you're writing.