13 May 2008

Experiments In Core Design

I can still say I'm amused by the muse. Withering away, nearly 40, not much in terms of real-estate, cars or investment portfolios to show, no kids, too many pets, but I'm pretty amused and comfortably pursuing becoming as eccentric as I can. Sometimes to an almost fugue state that hits me like lightening and scares me a wee little bit. Life is a challenge of dealing with one's brain chemistry.

I like the idea of pure black and white design. Shapes on a background. Problem: make that interesting. Jane calls it plotting. Plotting being the placement of repeating shapes. Jane pointed out to me, "Ah, you've discovered the magic of plotting! Symmetry and repeating patterns set up deeper levels of composition you never considered."

If you know me, I've been considering it for a while. That's where the Tao comes in. Nature is symmetrical. Nature jigs and jags all over the place randomly, but is still perfect and at rest. We love it because we are Tao also.

Every natural system could have a whole new design concept that follows that system. Even completely foreign ones. Bone structures of whales could be morphed via the rules of lightening paths. Leaf veins could follow the design of land formations. ie: trees made of railroad tracks.

Nature has some loose math behind it. I'm not interested in purely computed designs which hit me as a little dry, although I'm floored by the complexity. Looking at spirals, the golden section, fractal math in my ongoing research. (Yes, the pic is my own design.)

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