15 August 2009

One Stop Rock Opera

Yeah, so it's one in the morning and I've been looking through my music collection for a couple hours. Stopping here and there for a longer listen. Started building a nice playlist. Then I hit a land mine I set for myself a couple years ago. This one song I heard when I was like 8 yrs old in St. Louis on K-SHE 95 radio and the dj ALWAYS made the comment, "those are water drums in the intro." Like a black hole it sucked me in. It's so absurdly 'rockin' it had me riding a chrome stallion in outer space jousting asteroids. If there were other songs on the album, does it matter? This song is an epic unto itself. And yes, just after the blog where I proclaimed to be bored with rock. Then again, this might prove my point.

Billy Thorpe is in rocker heaven and his band the Aztecs may very well be too, and no disrespect to the dead but... I'm going to go out on a limb here and defy the music powers. I remember downloading this from some Thorpe fan site anyway. You've just GOT to hear this.

Download Here

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