16 July 2010

Comfortable With Infinity

Is there a god? Dunno. Is there not a god? Dunno. Those things I can't observe I don't sweat about. But please, if you all become atheists and stop fighting about god, go do that. I'm sure you'll find something else to fight about anyway. That's what you do.

I'm sure about infinity. Why aren't you? You don't have to get all stoned and metaphysical n' shit and go do peyote in a sweat hut to see it. Look at anything, look at a tree. The leaves with their thousands of microscopic mouths opening and closing to exchange gases. Cellular systems organizing into energy collectors, structural cellulose tube structures of branches that double as conveyor belts of energy. Aging bark peeling off years of layers of dead outer growth one cell thick at a time. Roots feeling around the soil with miniscule tendrals wrapping around pebbles looking for pockets of moisture and doubling as surface area anchors forming an organic foundation that supports a multiple ton above ground structure.

In such detail adding the time element and the fluid dynamics of wind, the heat transfer of day and night. Think about the shape of the air around the tree. The vacuum it makes in space. Incredibly detailed. Fathomless infinity. And it's just a tree.

In kindergarten terms, as large or as small as we look, there is no end. Right in front of you. Proof. It's you and you are a part of it all. You and I are infinity. Not just another pattern, a part of the whole IT.

The awe and power can be frightening. Now I just have to get comfortable with that idea.

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