19 September 2010

Cheap Software

I've been waiting years for software companies like Adobe to come up with some kind of "rent our services" package so I don't have to pay $2,599 just because I know EVERY one of their applications under the sun.  Software companies justified their prices because EVERYONE was pirating their software.  Then they came up with impossible to break security and the price stayed the same.  "Companies make money with our software..."  Companies make $300,000 homes with a $20 hammer.

Software should be $50 a pop.  Come on. "Costs a lot to develop software..."  When is a video game, with Hollywood level budgets ever $250?  Dreamweaver... $250.  Adobe Flash is $350!!!!  WTF?  You know Adobe, the less people that can afford that, the less people will know how to use it.  I'm not pulling the greed card, but I just saw Adobe stock jump 9% last week.  Not losing money.  Time to loosen the noose a bit.

Wasn't I delighted this year when I investigated a couple fringe pieces of software that are integral in my commercial digital artist world.  I believe I convinced my employer back in 2003 to buy a 3d app called Carrara Studio for $350.  This summer, I bought it for $50.  As powerful as motion picture level rendering like Maya, yet easy to learn and perfectly good for short animation and illustration.  Again, Poser.  Great program with all sorts of applications whenever you need a 3D figure, usually $250.  If you buy the latest to the most recent version... $50.  That's the way it should work!

I love it, love it love it!  Maybe it's the recession, maybe it's a way to fire-sale to us smaller budget folk.  Some kind of strategy to make money off old software sounds good to me.  I think it's brilliant.  If Industrial Light and Magic needs that latest filter, let them pay for it.  Otherwise, don't leave me in the dust, I've got $50.

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