03 December 2006

Full Circles and Contemporary Art.

There's a term: full circle. When your art makes a full circle it means you've explored an idea through the medium and vocabulary you've chosen so fully that you end up doing the same thing you began with. At that time, it's a sign to move onto something else.

I did abstraction for 15yrs, and started cutting up the canvas into sections, but was doing the same thing. Then I began to do half digital/realism. How do I deal with all this love of the digital? In retrospect, I was wanting to do realism but worried about not being contemporary. I think I'll keep my painting separate from my graphics. I've found great inspiration in the western art museum here. It's true about painters being the greatest appreciaters of painting. I can read their feel, outlook, attitude all through the technique. Although I did find a collector that talked to me about my paintings like a painter. Rare! I also began checking out a bunch of "coffee table" books on naturalist painting from the library. It's funny because at least two of the books I checked out have oil paint stains in them and "gasp" pages cut out! Fucking painters! Gotta have lots of inspiration laying around.

I don't do work like this guy –> but I really like his story of struggling in the art world to: Wired I also love his quasi-scientic illustration take on things. A modern gentleman naturalist.

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