24 January 2007

Kyle Bronsdon: Second Life Entrepeneur

Kyle Bronsdon (he's got the burgundy suit and custom eyeglasses) has reinvented himself on the web, created multiple bands, orchestrated and deployed multiple music albums, launched a music label, initiated a musicians union, has nationwide critical acclaim in radio and press, self-educated himself in css, rss, podcasting, video, video podcasting, audio cd production and dvd production. Recently he's taken me on as a "partner" in the ever-growing virtual community of "Second Life."

In a land where digeratis such as myself, in the white suit, with all the visual powers of the universe (meaning all the software knowledge to create websites, flash animations and 3d movies), still haven't comprehended the possibilities of Second Life, Kyle has seen the light.

Kyle has hacked the Second Life society. Kyle is creating a community, something that he found nearly impossible in the shallow, power-hungry environment of the LA music scene.

"There's tons of music clubs in Second Life. Some are really successful. Most are playing folky alt or punk acts which is fine, but there is a real need for quality jazz and swing acts performed live." His own work will be the showcase of his new "Meatspace" club, with a Chinese opium den motif, but other acts are knocking down his door even before the club opens on Valentines Day, Feb. 14th, 2007, giving credence to the saying, "If you build it, they will come." As in 1st life, second life mimics.

"There's a lot of creative people in Second Life with great talent. There just isn't the right venue for them to perform in the live jazz format. I intend to offer an opportunity for like-minded artists to create a virtual 'Scene.' What excites me the most is the musical collaboration that spans the globe and also the creation of a ramp into this world for 1st world artists that would otherwise never be able to hit this audience," Kyle adds. Bringing quality content to the Second Life experience is considered the next wave of change in the virtual world.

Live streaming of sound is a relatively new addition to Second Life and it's not without its challenges - "I have to keep jumping between my piano and the computer monitor to check my sound levels. "Streaming in the real world internet is a technical trick in itself, but imagine porting it to a virtual world with it's own software constraints, rules and bandwidths. Remember, he and whatever band members he employs, will be playing LIVE in his backyard studio, "The Shed" and broadcasting in Second Life. A more authentic sound in virtual land can not be found.

"In the end, I just want to create one of those small, out-of-the-way places that people like to escape to and can depend on having a quality music experience." Marketing in Second Life at this point
is very different from marketing in the real world. As Kyle educated me about strategies for finding new fans of the club, "It's all about personal relationships, you just build on every person you meet."

In this way, I'm very optimistic about the Second Life community. Most people I run into are enlightened, polite and intelligent conversationalists. Our suggestion is that you join and familiarize yourself with Second Life a few days before you go do some in-world things like visit Meatspace on February 14th, 2007.

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