02 September 2008

Float Tank Session #8

My eighth trip into the frighteningly awe-inspiring mind space of the sensory deprivation tank, void of external stimulus, freed from laws that govern being human, exploring other worlds never seen, reprogramming my own psychic makeup, meeting mythical gods personally, touching the edge of infinity and.... My Little Pony?

Visions seen while in the tank:

My Little Pony Butter Grid
Inside of an infinite lavender space, I approached a grid of light yellow dots. I've decided to name these infinite spaces "workrooms" where things are built virtually like in a 3d program. Zooming into the grid, the yellow dots came into focus as 2 inch castings of butter in the shape of the popular girls toy "My Little Pony" by Hasbro. Surprisingly, I didn't come out of the tank hungry for toast.

Ultra-violet Chamber of Liquid Light
Finally, an experience that was more than a vision, and something along the lines of a normal everyday new age sort of thing. My body, or entity was floating in a clear walled chamber filled with watery florescent pink and purple waves of warm light. The waves intersected much like the light patterns you see at the bottom of a swimming pool, except all around me. The light intersecting with my body was bright and warm and pleasurable.

Escape Pod
I was on a space ship, in a hallway lined with square windows like a passenger jet. I knelt down next to the exterior wall and saw a plastic hatch ringed by black rubber. I pulled a finger latch and popped the door out. I climbed down into a tiny, one passenger cockpit and sat down. Gravity was a little less here. Three oval shaped and blue tinted windows made up the windshield. The interior was completely ultra white with small glassy black readouts. I powered up. Blue and yellow text, data and diagrams came up on the screens. I examined the seat belts, and the fabric pads of the interior. This was a routine systems check.

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julie said...

dude. i think my little pony is trying to tell you something... mmmmm... butter!