07 September 2008

Float Tank Session #9

Number nine... number nine.... number nine... I've now done my ninth sensory deprivation / float tank session. I'm still floating (doing absolutely nothing) for 90 minutes at a time in the big giant salty bathtub about once a week. This time, I drank some coffee before I went to "relax." Although that might not be the best thing to do, it did keep my mind alert.

Visions seen while in the tank:

Black Hole Jewel
There on a turning pedestal covered in white satin was the celestial home shopping networks signature broach. Roughly 3 inches around, the broach sported a giant jewel (1in. diameter) in the center that didn't glint, didn't sparkle and in fact reflected no light at all. Inky black. As it turned, the profile revealed its shape to be a flattened sphere. Surrounded by gold work tooled into spiraling swirls that were encrusted with tiny white, pink and blue jewels; the main jewel resembled a black hole with stars being sucked in. I've read about a paint being developed that reflects no light. Perhaps the subconscious plopped the idea to me in the form of jewelry. I'm still marveling at this void in space in my mind.

Spring Boots
I was climbing a craggy rock peak of a mountain in search of geological markers. I had incredible traction and with each step seemed to spring upward. Climbing was effortless and I didn't feel any strain on my legs. When I arrived at the top, I examined my boots. The uppers were one piece and made of a tough black rubbery substance. The soles of the boots were about 1 inch thick and made of a gray synthetic felt. I suspect nanotechnology.

Virtual Workroom
I've talked about the infinite white or black rooms where objects seem to build themselves in front of me. This one was in a futuristic room like on a space station. White glossy plastic walls. This room was telepathic. It picked up my thoughts and grew a 3 dimensional design in front of me. The design was made of black lines and curves like a geometrically perfect vine-plant. The air was divided into 6 inch cubes and the cube where something was being built kind of lit up brighter than the rest of the room. The design grew to match my thoughts without any hand motions or button pushing. I know because my 'entity' was outside of my body watching myself. Much like the game Second Life where you can leave the vantage point of your avatar and go look from other perspectives.

The REALLY Long Bridge
I walked along a trail in Appalachian type mountain terrain. It was an overcast day with fog settling in. The trail forked and I discovered a foot bridge. It was about 6 feet wide and probably 10 miles long. The bridge went across a large valley to another mountain. The material it was made of looked like solid cardboard varnished shiny. Light and strong. The structure underneath was a parabolic curve and some of the struts went down a thousand feet.

-I'm amazed. Where is all this science fiction stuff coming from?

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