06 August 2009

Best CG I've Ever Seen

Someday, in our wildest virtual reality dreams when we have terabyte processors, goggles and gloves, we'll be able to walk into a world that very much resembles our own. For now, image scientists modeling in laboratories like Max, Zbrush and Maya push the envelope of ray tracing and radiosity as close to reality as they can.

There is tons of great, great work out there but when I came upon this image I was stunned. (click image to enlarge) The human face is something we are all very familiar with, making it one of the hardest things to approximate. The eyes, the hair, the skin, the fuzz on the sweater add up to something totally believable. Until I read it was CG, I would have thought it was a real photo of a real girl.

My props to Viki Yeo , a video game character modeler in South Korea. She's found that line of perfection that fools us.


julie said...

this is just creepy!

viki said...

Thank you very much. ;)

Tom Baumgartner said...

Honored that the artist Viki Yeo dropped by to say hello! Thanks Viki!