23 November 2006

Christmas / Thanksgiving

We were in the storage loft area in early November, which requires a ladder and Jane thought, "Is it too early for the Christmas tree?" No, not really. So it went up. Of course the stores were advertising Christmas immediately after Halloween. We were looking for masks and makeup for the Dia De Los Muertos parade a few days after Halloween and son of a bitch, it was all Christmas stuff! No Halloween stuff on sale. Nothing!

Our tree is small and artificial. Like about 2 feet tall. But you can bet it's loaded to the gills with vintage decorations. Around its' base is a Japanese komono sash called an obe.

Tucson has a bunch of "orphans" in it for the holidays. The orphan dinner we've attended in years past was cancelled at the last minute so we went with plan B. "The Triple T truckstop (Omars Highway Chef)" My friend Kyle and I discovered it when I first moved here and I've become a regular and true champion of its' glory. It isn't just a truck stop, it's a palace of trucker pleasure and the best food you can get in a Southwest truckstop. Omar, the independant owner, is Mexican American and has a number of breakfast menu items that include: fresh tortillas, refried beans, spanish rice, salsa, and peppers. So, when we heard they had a turkey feast planned, there really was no other alternative. Photo is the Furious Truckstop Waitresses roller derby team posing at the Triple T.

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