06 June 2013

Periodic Table

Been thinking a lot about science, illustration, steampunk, 19th century design.  My first experiment was quite an undertaking:  The Periodic Table of Elements.  Believe me, it's a typographic nightmare.  (Not just typing all the shit in)  It will quickly become a piece of actual history after the newly discovered/invented element is named.

It's more of a sketch (finished off in photoshop) because Tom's plan is to dive into intaglio printmaking after being away from it for  20yrs or so.  My ink drawings were leading me to it.  Just gotta have that delicious black line, a little bleedy and a little embossed in the paper.  Mmmmmmm.  As for the Periodic Table, I'll actually be scratching "Copperplate" font into a copper plate.

Extension of this plan is the need for a super workshop under the deck.  A 9' x 7' table, wood storage, tool storage on lockdown, pneumatic hoses and power cords coming down from the ceiling.  Because, I gotta matte and frame these prints too.

New ideas are going to be flora and fauna.  For starters, lizards and woodpeckers.  I'm aiming at less typography and more image.


zwigz said...

Love it. Would you consider selling a print?

Tom Baumgartner said...

Hi Zwig,

I used to live in Raleigh!

If you can wait… I'll be producing high quality prints of this work in the next few months. All will be purchasable at patterntology.com

Andy Byrnes said...

How can I purchase a copy of this PTE?

Tom Baumgartner said...

This is finally available for purchase here.