04 September 2014

New Portfolio Website

I think this is the 5th personal site redesign I've created since I hit the internet.  It doesn't go back as far as 2000ish, but Internet Archive Wayback Machine has bits and pieces of it from over the years.

The biggest plus is that my website and blog are now hand in hand.  It feels good to have all the galleries up. I had all my paintings scanned so I can have nice large closeups of the work. I like the dynamic article feature on the front page because it allows you to navigate visually.

The site was to originally to have a massive background video.  Yes video!  My better instincts eventually shut that idea down.  Too troublesome, too much loading, and too distracting.  I'm inspired to make some video shorts and interactive pieces eventually after that whole experience.

In the next 6 months, I should have a good collection of prints for sale. The first edition is in the mail right now and I can hardly wait to see it! So the site will also have a simple store on it for things like that.

Go take a look:



Nichole Duncan said...

It's alright to keep re-designing your website. It should be able to evolve with you as an artist, so the web design should grow just as much as you do. Anyway, patterntology looks just as amazing as the illustrations in it. You truly did an amazing job, Tom! Thanks for sharing that with us! More power to you! :)

Nichole Duncan @ VTG Business Group

Travis White said...

It seems that you’ve gone through a lot when it comes to redesigning your site. It just shows that you’re reaching out to new things, and that you’re not afraid to experiment on other possible ways to cater your works. It also shows that you really do have a creative mind! Anyway, I took a peek at your portfolio, and I think your works are quite amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us, Tom. All the best!

Travis White @ Marketing Digest